If you ever wanted to have a well designed home that everyone would adore but thought that actually hiring a professional interior designer is expensive, you were wrong! I will always work to the budget you have given to me. You wont even feel that you have paid money to an interior designer but you will end up with a beautiful designed home!


Whole home interior design                           

Living room interior design                                               

Kitchen interior design                                                 

Open plan interior design                             

Bedroom interior design                                                  

Bathroom interior design                                              

Dining room interior design 

Home office interior design                                              

Hallway interior design                                                    


Interior design project will include:

- Consultation,

- Materials/colors/furniture mood board,

- Floor plan,

- Visualizations,

- Specification of each room + list where you would have to get all goods,

- Technical drawing,

- Budget breakdown.


@ ASDesign you will only find fixed prices for design. Any other companies are taking from 10% to 15% of your whole budget. The prices are various depending of what room would you like to redesign. To start any project a deposit will be required. 



Please contact ASDesign



Please contact ASDesign